P!nk - Just Like Fire From Alice Through The Looking Glass
P!nk - Just Like Fire From Alice Through The Looking Glass
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"Billandet" (The Cars' Territory) is the first in a set of three musical pieces taking you on a mental journey from the regions of temperate climates northwards to the arctic: It's a misty summer morning in the south of the Northern Countries. The sun is breaking through shady trees beside the empty street. Your truck has run the whole night over and you are exhausted - but feeling happy - 'cause now the fun begins... Firstly you will cross flat farmlands on your way north. The roads are still empty - its just like having holidays. And it's hypnotic: No traffic lights, just running, running on constant speed the highway always straight ahead. Slowly one by one the people are leaving their homes for work while the sun climbs high and higher up the sky. The next hours you will see blue waters glistening in the sun among the trees on your further way. From there you'll take the road between the two great lakes passing little towns and villages - and perhaps having an view onto a moose between the trees. Then in the regions the forest becomes more dense - but you're still crossing cars' territories where human traffic dominates wildlife. And you'lll have to look out now for a place to stay in the night... For the other two parts of this journey see album "A Dreams Land" ( soundcloud.com/jpwsound/sets/adreamsland ). Home studio production from January 2013 by George Vermans. Best with headphones(earphones)!


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